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Story goes that this entity is the most evil known out there and it seems to seek people of all ages that do not reblog this. The name non-tumblr users have already been killed and you’re next.

That is, if you reblog this, he’ll let you live. Now, do it. My friend Katy didn’t know how to reblog and within the hour, she died. I warned her but she didn’t

ok tumblr srsly i fucking hate you but that fucking picture ok i’ll reblog this


this is just so i can sleep alright tonight…

what are you guys for real—look at this twink demon’s kissy face and do-me eyes. Look at his li’l butt. He loves you. He’s about to put the tea on.





the OOP heard around the world

The part that made me chuckle was the NY chapter of the ACLU. Like, “These pictures are nifty and all nice and neatly put together in this handy tag. Can y’all tag us so we’re in the loop? This is great for a class case- I mean class collection of pictures to show at a later date. Possibly in court.”

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